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Maintaining your hardwood floors

Keeping your floors at their best gaurantees a longer lifespan and safer space for everyone. Here are some maintenance tips to help keep your floors looking and performing their best.
Shoe Marks
Remove shoe marks with approved floor cleaner
Gum and Tar removal
to remove unwanted adhesives place an ice pack on the surface, and once frozen use a putty knife to gently scrape it away. wipe down after.
Dirt, Dust, and Debris reduce performance
Sweep the floor everyday with dust mop and floor cleaner
Clean up spills
Clean up spills immediately with a soft dry cloth
Monthly cleaning
Hardwood should be cleaned and treated with floor cleaner every month
Annual Maintenance
Hardwood needs to be screened and re-coated once a year
Walkway mats
For additional protection use entrance and walkway mats
water damage, cracking, tightening
If any damage occurs contact your flooring representative for instruction
Heating / Ventilation / Humidity
Make sure your HVAC system is always fully functional and operational at all times - and set to the suggested range for humidity and temperature.
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