At Big Sky Enterprises we have been the leading installer of hardwood sports floors in Manitoba for over 30 years. In that time we have built championship sports floors in every corner of the Province for every school division, university and ymca.
With our Ryder Sanding system we can resand your existing hardwood gymnasium floor quickly and efficiently. We can take your tired old floor and make it look like new again. Complete with new gamelines and graphics you can change the look of your facility.
Utilizing the best in the industry finish systems we can prepair and recoat your gymnasium floor to improve traction, protect the gamelines and wood as well as improve appearance.
Logo / Graphics
Our team of professionals can take your school team logo and transfer that on to your gym floor. We also paint team names, slogans and just about anything that you can imagine onto your court.
At Big Sky we sell what we use, please think of us for competitive pricing on all Basic Coatings products as well as replacement pieces for baseboards, cap and ring assemblies and flooring.
Annual Maintenance
We offer annual maintenance plans to help keep your floors looking and performing their best. Contact us for more information